Zoom’s email, calendar feature’s may take-on Google, Office

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Popular video conferencing service Zoom is reportedly working on a stand-alone calendar and email feature.

This will mean most who use third-party email services may not have to if this rumor is correct.

Zoom allows users to connect with video, audio, phone and chat with only a secure connection as a requirement.

Users have to plug in third-party calendars to sync their Zoom meetings and webinars.

Zoom has partnered with various companies to integrate its system seamlessly with other calendar apps like Google and Outlook.

The video conferencing tool is possibly taking on tech giants Microsoft and Google with the set features, should they deliver.

What does this mean?

This would mean Zoom user plug-in’s would be optional for users and not mandatory.

In what’s expected to be a slight expansion for Zoom, the email and Calender apps’ may increase the conferencing apps share of the market, considering it has seen immense growth, during the Covid19 pandemic era.

The addition of a calendar and email features, means Zoom, would will not only take on white board apps, but solidly packed competitors such as Google and Microsoft.

With features such as Calender and email, Zoom will likely become a go-to product in work spaces, an alternative to Google’s product, Google Meet.

Google Meet, a Google product is also available on both Android and iOS web browsers which came as a potential replacement for Google Hangouts and Google Duo.

This may be an expensive risky expansion for Zoom as both Microsoft and Google have had time to solidify, and rollout tested products into markets they already had.

Google’s free tools such as Gmail and Google Doc continue to make it a leader in product offerings for the simple fact that most of their features come at no cost to run.

Companies gravitate towards functionality and seamless productivity, and if Zoom can deliver both, it may just be the new kid with the exceptional warrior grit.

This educated rumour may just be here-say for now, but Zoom may just make the announcement at their Zoomtopia event in November 8 and 9.

The event is wildly known to offer interactive and engaging sessions while tailoring direction into the future of communications.

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