How VR, tech is improving to allow better sex, while in different countries

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This new technology may just answer the question of mating while in another country with your partner.

WARNING: The article contains contents of an adult nature. Reader discretion is advised.

This is according to a report which signals that the digital space is fast creating realities for partners to have better nooky, while worlds apart.

Bonking, rumpy-pumpy, or whatever you choose to call the acts of coitus interruptus, these could all be possible with anyone on the opposite end of the world according to several new tech.

Virtual Reality (VR) spearheaded by not only the Metaverse could fast provide alternative means of doing the hanky panky.

The human sensation

The introduction of tech which caters for the fundamental human sensation has opened doors to the possibility of a digital romp.

Adding to a plethora of devices that cater to the basic human senses, the sense of touch has been catered for signaling a break through in the VR adult entertainment industry.

The physical element of sex in VR has had some holes but is fast becoming a possibility according to this new digital addition.

According to Futurist speaker Charlotte Kemp there are examples pointing to nooky going digital.

Think toys that can be controlled and activated by a partner using an app while on the other side of the world.

The reality is already here, with many adult toys allowing the ability for pleasurable control to be given to a secondary person.

Haptic feedback allows a series of minute motors on a persons skin to elicit vibrations to mimic touch, a huge addition to the adult industry and VR, to compliment other human senses, vision, hearing, smell and taste.

What is haptic technology?

Also known as kinaesthetic communication, haptic technology refers to technology that can create an experience of touch by applying forces.

The immerging market of virtual reality means new innovative products could soon add to the many already available products which allow partners to connect even when apart.

The reports that virtual reality pornography is expected to exceed more than $1 billion US by 2025.

The VR space will not only stream content but allow users to experience a specific point of view (POV) which is most likely going to spike overall consumer pleasures.

The POV experience will be the motivating factor to more breakthroughs when we factor in the traditional consumption of adult content.

Content is most likely going to be customized to cater more to VR in the future based on user preferences.

The constant evolution of virtual reality will most likely revolutionize adult content among many other industries.

Virtual reality adult content is fast on the increase with a clear intent to augment the human sexual experience.

Sex technology is a multibillion dollar industry, which is expected to grow by 2025/2026.

Companies are fast innovating products that will have an intelligent response to sexual activity in order to take advantage of the identified expected growth.

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Featured image: The Metaverse is an opportunity for immersive technology to enable more purpose-led human experiences. Photo: Supplied/Ventureburn

Note: Image used only for illustrative purposes. The image is not associated to content written in this article.



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