AI and it’s expensive costs and how Bing threatens Google’s profits

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) searches using new chatbots reach deeper into consumer pockets due to an apparent demand in more computing power and electricity compared to a typical search.

This is according to Alphabet chairman John Hennessy who in a Reuters report said the cumulative costs were notable.

That coupled with the fact that the rise of AI poses a threat to Google’s search engine profits definitely made news this week.

AI is more responsive but Hennessy says a search on Google’s AI chatbot cost the company 10 times more than a typical search.

The computing science that is AI is new which translates to a more expensive entry point.  AI will most likely become more affordable as the tech matures and more vendors enter the market.

AI is meant to work and act like humans using a variety of settings.

Costing for AI should be weighed considerably against the demand for those opting to use AI in their companies.

Googles TensorFlow, Microsofts’ Bing are perfect examples of open source libraries that can be used for all sorts of machine learning.

Paid options for AI are Amazon’s AWS which offers AI services that start at $0,10 per hour, while IBM’s Watson platform starts at $99 per month.

You may need hardware such as a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), which can set you back in thousands.

While Bill Gates notes how AI is the biggest thing this decade which could reshuffle the tech space, He and Microsoft were quick to unveil an AI powered Bing to challenge Google’s search engine dominance.

The Microsoft co-founder is eyeing Googles profits which according to him could take a hit due to the introduction and slow growth of AI.

Speaking on a Monday episode of In Good Company, a podcast hosted by Nicolai Tangen, Gates said Microsoft had seen the AI transition and acted fairly quick.

Microsoft has announced its new competitor against the popular Ai chatbot ChatGPT.

Bing is the name of an AI-powered search engine coupled with an edge browser from Microsoft.

Available for preview now at, this search engine promises a new chat experience, more complete answers and the ability to generate content.

Here why this is interesting.

  • Better search results
    Bing will offer users improved and relevant results.
  • Complete answers
    Bing promises to summarize the answer users are looking for.

This new Bing will generate the content to help you write an email, create a 5 day itinerary for a dream vacation, or even prep for a job interview.

Bing also cites all its sources and users will be able to see links to the web for references.

A whole new Microsoft Edge experience, Bing brings new AI capabilities, a new look and whole new edge experience.

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