AI crypto: What is AI in crypto and how will it change the game?

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Open Ai’s ChatGPT launched in November last year with the latest Chat GPT 4 model launching on March 14, 2023.

This spells an unprecedented opportunity for AI (Artificial Intelligence) crypto which by definition means complex algorithms processed by machines to analyze massive amounts of data in order to make intelligent decisions in the realm of cryptocurrency.

To date, Chat GPT4 can handle both images and text inputs at the same time, all in a conversation-like manner.

Why is this interesting?

It’s purely because there has been massive global interest in the search for AI Crypto which signals massive incoming interest for majority investors.

Pros and cons

This new trend means two things, that some investors will benefit on the new found information while others will miss out on an opportunity to invest in Ai Crypto.

According to senior editor Daniel Larson AI crypto represents an exciting opportunity for investors who are wiling to take a long-term view.

“While short-term volatility may be a concern for some, the potential for AI to transform various industries makes it a compelling investment opportunity. Investors who are willing to do their due diligence and identify promising AI crypto projects may be well-positioned to reap significant returns in the years to come.”

Data found translates to:

Google searches for AI Crypto are through the roof and the most searched terms are “AI Coin”, “Fetch AI Crypto”, “AI Crypto Projects”, “AI Crypto Prediction”, and “AI Crypto Token”.

The top-ranked AI crypto coins based on market cap are down around -70%, -80%, and -95% since their all-time high, indicating a significant discount for investors who want to get in on the ground floor.

The majority of global searches for AI Crypto have transactional intent which would indicate that investors are ready to buy. This can also be confirmed by the massive uptrend most top coins have had since November 30th last year.

Out of the top 100 AI crypto tokens based on market cap, some coins have seen significant gains since the launch of Chat GPT on the 30th of November, including The Graph surging +135%, Fetch spiking +407%, and Ocean Protocol gaining +200%.

*Some information curtesy of Inventive

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