Elon Musk confirms Twitter 10 000 character update, here’s what it means

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Twitter boss Elon Musk has confirmed that Twitter plans to roll out an update that allows 10 000 characters in a single tweet.

Sounds crazy right?

While some argue that this eliminates brevity completely, extending long-form tweets to over 10 000 does seem a bit excessive but Musk has confirmed the incoming update which will partially change the platform’s pedigree.

The update will come for those who have Twitter Blue subscription as they currently can post tweets with over 4 000 characters.

When can you post a long tweet?

It seems the objective is to cater to to users with who are more expressive.

The micro blogging platform will most likely make users pay for the added word count.

While regular Twitter users are only allowed to post tweets with only 280 characters, the shift which is likely to take some time for implementation should see Twitter cater to a variety of users.

The confirmation of more word count for Twitter users came after Youtuber and Twitter user @ThePrimeagen asked Musk, “The dev community and I were wondering if you could add code blocks to tweets?”

The news comes months after Twitter announced that those with Twitter Blue subscriptions could post tweets with 4 000 characters.

In December Musk confirmed plans for the platform to increase its character limit from 280 to 4000.

While the concept of longer tweets is in question, there’s really no difference if there’s an option to expand compressed tweets displayed.

The timeline for the roll out of the feature is still unknown but it will be an added benefit to the now Musk led platform.

Increased tweets

The increase in characters is another increase on Twitter since the initial character limit of 140 characters back in 2017.

The 140 characters increased to 280 back in November 2017.

Now a shift to a possible 10 000 characters will threaten the notion of Twitter being a platform for briefer thoughts.

While the demand for the increase in characters has increased Twitter has previously picked up that increased character space did not necessarily translate to users typing more.

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