Google Meet grants users more power over individual feed

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Google Meet will be introducing the ability to switch off individual feeds as a way to curb distractions during a meeting.

Google notes that users will have the ability to switch off other user distractions such as unwanted pop-ups, without them knowing.

Access to individual feeds will be on Google Meet’s desktop apps.

The tech giant plans to trim off unwanted distractions by granting users the ability to block out feeds except for the ones belonging to the people who are currently presenting.

Animated feeds are some of the features that come with Google Meet.

The effects such as virtual background have been a preferred favourite for some users, but Meet will now allow hosts to gain more control over what they see.

Here are some other new updates from Google Meet in 2023.

  • Noise cancellation on Android devices
  • Noise cancellation is now available for all workspace and no workspace users on high end Android users.
  • While most iPhones come with noise cancellations, noise cancellations is now available on most Android devices.
  • Join meetings on Android TV
  • The Google Meet app is now avaialbe on Android TV to allow users to set up Google Meet calling on their smart devices.
  • Vote in polls you create
  • Use reactions inside Google Meet
  • Lock other participants audio and video on iOS.

The AI route

Google is fast on track to dominate the market as it also introduced a first set of AI in docs and Gmail earlier this year.

While Google prides itself on products that have matured with their end users, such as Google Maps, Gmail, Google Workplace and even workspace, AI has shown its intent to destabilize the market and Google wants a piece.

“Across our productivity suite, advances in AI are already helping 3 billion users save more time with smart compose and smart reply, generate summaries for Docs, look more professional in meetings, and stay safe against malware and phishing attacks,” writes Google.

Google will be testing out its first set of AI features in Gmail and Docs with its trusted testers.

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