Why was he slapped if Will Smith and Jada separated? We ask ChatGPT

It is essential to approach online information critically, cross-reference it with other sources, and consider potential bias and reliability of the content to ensure accuracy when looking at reasons for an assault that sent social media into a tailspin.

We asked ChatGPT why comedian Chris Rock was assaulted by actor Will Smith if Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith had been separated for six years.

If you look at the video below, one can clearly see Smith shouting keep my wife’s name out of your mouth to Rock.


Video from Entertainment Tonight

At last year’s Oscars, Will Smith retaliated to a joke about Pinkett Smith’s clean-shaven head at the awards ceremony.

This was in response to a joke Rock made while presenting an award saying he could not wait to see the actress in G.I. Jane 2.

Will walked up on stage to smack Rock in front of millions of viewers.

Fast forward to 2023 and Pinket Smith is on a promotional tour for her upcoming memoir Worthy.

The Worthy writer has announced that she has been separated from her husband Will Smith since 2016, six years before Will Smith assaulted Rock in suspected chivalry.

Reports from various sources allege that Pinkett-Smith’s book may have what may be a reason Smith would have attached Rock.

There are allegations that Rock during the separation asked Pinkett-Smith out. These are only speculation with little proof to corroborate.

We threw the question into Chat GPT thinking it would come up with a proposed reason for the assault.

The tech side to it all

Online articles remain readily accessible to a global audience and can be retrieved with only a few clicks. The timelessness of access to information has allowed researchers, educators, and the general public access to valuable information when referencing history.

Online information, such as that of the Smith family is easily searched and indexed, allowing for efficient retrieval.

This is particularly helpful for researchers and students as online articles today include multimedia elements to enhance the depth of historical documentation.

The point

Online content is fast becoming part of a vast digital archive, preserving a comprehensive record of events over time.  This digital footprint contributes massively to the documentation of history, on social media and in adding and maintaining a historical narrative.

In the near future, online information will likely play a significant role in referencing events in history as it will enhance historical research, preserve cultural history, and incorporate AI and analytics which will most likely identify trends incoming alongside patterns within specific data that can be used to verify the authenticity of historical data.

The danger

Misinformation and disinformation on online platforms can be rife with false information making it a challenge to discern fact from fiction  There is the vulnerability to hacking that persists as hackers can manipulate or compromise data ergo leading to inacuracies in historical data.

Personal data stored online can be at risk, and ChatGPT’s abilities in 2023 have proven just how innovation continues to carve forward a new era in how information can be quickly retrieved for feedback carrying the balance of probabilities.

How else would ChatGPT know what to say in answering a question we prompted?

The answer below is the chatbot’s response to: Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock?

“As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I don’t have any information about an incident involving Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. It’s possible that this incident occurred after my last update, or it might be a hypothetical or fictional situation. To find accurate and up-to-date information on this matter, I recommend checking the latest news sources or conducting an online search.”

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