TikTok tests ad free monthly version, we find possible loopholes

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TikTok is testing out an ad-free version of the platform for paying subscribers.

We know this but what does TikTok really mean by ad-free?

We look into that complex question.

For $4.99, users will have access to an ad-free version of the app, should the feature receive a nod.

The feature is currently being tested – at the time of publishing – according to code within the app which indicates the testing done for the subscription tier.

The loophole

TikTok is initially testing the feature for the US audience, should it decide to roll out the feature but did not indicate if the ad-free version also included social media influencer marketing.

A nice way of defining the term loophole is a vertical small opening on a wall which an an archer could use to their advantage, which we think best describes TikTok’s latest conundrum.

The main meaning for loophole reads a means of escape. : an ambiguity or omission in the text through which the intent of a statute, contract, or obligation may be evaded.

This brings us to our point

Will ad-free subscriptions factor in influencer marketing?

Will ad-free mean paid-for-marketing will not be on the side of paying users?

TikTok has largely been ad-driven and news of the ad-free paid-for version remains topical considering the parameters are still to be set.

What will ad-free really mean for users?  That is the question.

The paid-for ad-free version makes sense and potentially sets the trend for competitors, but what will the parameters be for users who pay compared to the continued free patrons?

TikTok already has a few revenue-sharing mechanisms for creators alongside a direct Live Subscription feature that allows users to subscribe directly to a creator.

This will be the first time the app will accept money directly for an ad-free experience, which intrigues all of us likely to be impacted by the transition.

The test is still a test and no rollout date has been confirmed.

Depending on the success of the test, only then will users find answers.

It’s the strings attached that we are all probing for, as TikTok has mainly relied on advertising for revenue.  The possible shift most likely is a competitive move, necessary for the growth of the app.

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