Hill and Knowlton SA appointed as PR agency partner for Netflix

Things change.

Hill and Knowlton Strategies SA (H+K) has announced its partnership with Netflix as PR agency, to focus more on corporate communications.

The union is expected to reinforce the way audiences engage and connect with Netflix and its investment in the creative ecosystem.

We can all expect a creative outlay of strategies, carefully narrated, with creativity and innovation to highlight the streaming services’ journey in the country.

H+K plans to amplify the Netflix experience even better than before. 

Lerato Songelwa, Managing Director of Hill & Knowlton Strategies, South Africa says H+K shares some values with the streaming service for strategic meticulous innovation, that resonates with audiences.

“Netflix’s investment in fostering the sector aligns seamlessly with our vision of strategic, meticulous innovation that not only entertains but enriches and resonates deeply with our audience. We’re excited to amplify a variety of voices, celebrate diversity, and showcase the dynamic tapestry of South African storytelling,” she said.

The agency says their plans, coupled with team Netflix are to deliver multifaceted communication efforts that redefine what it means to stream and dive into solid entertainment.

“Our promise? To not just tell stories but to craft immersive, engaging experiences that bring Netflix’s vision to life in the hearts and screens of Mzansi, while shaping communities and economies.” the agency affirmed.

“Our partnership with Netflix comes at a significant time and at the peak of an ever-evolving entertainment sector. This collaboration presents an opportunity for us to narrate a celebration of our culture, resilience, and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead,” added Songelwa.

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