Huawei innovative product launch here’s what’s new in Dubai

Huawei consumer group has unpacked a series of compelling devices at their launch in Dubai.

The fourth quarter launch forms part of Huawei’s strategy to ready device timelines to cater to the school-ready buyer in the first quarter.

First on the list is the: The Huawei Free Clip

We see a stylishly new addition to the Huawei earphone segment.

A titanium alloy to ensure durability the Huawei free clips promise to provide the best audio and the industry’s thinnest design.

Huawei has rethought the earpiece design and introduced the open-ear fit Huawei free clip.

The clip is the answer to those issues such as popping out of ear ear devices.

Huawei promises a solid fit for fitness enthusiasts and a functional sensitive audio output.

Music playback of up to 36 hours with a charging case, Huawei free clip brings more entertainment and is IP54 rated, meaning it is water resistant.

Huawei MatePad Pro

Ultra slim with an attractive screen-to-body ratio is the 580g Huawei MatePad Pro, a tablet that boasts an incredibly thin tablet compared to its competition.

It’s lighter with loads of display. It comes with classic black and green options and offers a large-sized OLED display.

It delivers 1.7 billion colours for more colour depth. This Huawei MatePad pro tablet is ready for the creative, both functionally and aesthetically.

It features screen setting display technology to adjust image richness no matter the lighting.

We see industry-first theatre-level audio that will allow improved digital creativity a suitable addition for the movie streamer.

Huawei introduces the M-Pencil which is an addition to the MatePad Pro. This is an addition that Huawei says may just contribute massively to artistic creativity.

The price is 199 Euros.

Huawei MatePad Air edition

With a stunningly slim design, the Huawei MatePad Air ushers in sleeker design elements including what Huawei boasts is better performance.

What do we know?

We know the Huawei MatePad Air Paper edition comes with a Huawei 2nd generation pencil including a dual earbud connection which means shareable listening.

This means users can pair two sets of earbuds at once.

The 8300mAh battery-powered Huawei Matepad supports around 12 hours of video playback at 40 watts of charging power.

We see a 144hz refresh rate for gamers including multimedia performance.

Huawei Matebook D16

A flexible 16-inch full-display Huawei Matebook D16 laptop which allows users to see more on their large display has been introduced.

Open multiple programs at the same time as the MatebookD16 brings a compelling large display with a 180-degree hinge which allows users to comfortably stretch their laptop to accommodate them.

We see an i9 processing power, alongside dual shark fin fans to allow users to have access to a better-performing device that rarely overheats.

The price is at 799 Euros.

Gaming at your fingertips, we see a device that’s ready to prove a point for content creators due to its i9 processing power.

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