Facebook Link History, the hidden catch and the pros

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Facebook introduced Link History as a security feature to create a special repository of all links that were clicked while in the Facebook mobile app.

Users have the option to opt out of the feature, for those who are suspicious of everything social media.

The Link History feature is used to target ads, for all browsing history to be saved in one place. Maybe this makes sense to some but how is it different from we introduce another way to keep tabs on user behavior?

The new setting allows users to never lose a link, and the platform maintains the pop-up encourages users to consent to the new method of tracking information, in the form of links.

Don’t forget that Facebook may use this information to improve ads across Meta technologies.

The app promises to delete the Link History feature for users who opt out of using the feature, by turning the setting off.

While the feature is yet to make its way to several other parts of the globe it’s interesting to note how the platform which remains under scrutiny meanders in an effort to preserve data.

The feature may not necessarily be new as Meta has kept an eye on user link behavior. It will only be the first time users gain insight into the links and have control over their own link history.

Facebook has been harvesting user databases for various functions.

This may be an attempt for the platform to be more transparent to allow both Android and iOS smartphone app users to turn off or clear history with a single tap.

Essentially, this is a tool for users to keep track of all their links. Users will have the power to turn off the feature or clear history if they don’t want the platform to track online activity.

To turn it off users can:

  • Open the Facebook app on your smartphone and tap on any ad that you may find on your feed
  • Tap on the three-dot icon at the bottom of the page
  • Toggle to Settings
  • Once the menu pops up, toggle the button next to Allow Link History
  • Facebook, past this point.

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