Open AI introduces latest version ChatGPT 4o with more features

Following a shift to no longer have users signing up for an account before using popular chatbot platform ChatGPT, OpenAI now confirms a new latest flagship model release, which debuted on Monday.

Titled Chat GPT 4-0, the “O” stands for Omni and refers to the model’s ability to handle text, speech, and video.

The latest feature is expected to be rolled out iteratively across the company’s developer and consumer-facing products over the next few weeks.

The latest flagship model provides GPT 4-level intelligence and improves on GPT 4’s abilities.

GPT 4o has previously offered voice mode able to transcribe chatbot responses using text to speech model, but Chat GPT 4o sores over that with the ability to interact with with ChatGPT more like an assistant.

Users will now have the ability to ask GPT-4o a question and be able to interrupt the model while it’s answering – with the model adapting. The model will have the ability to deliver prompts in real-time responsiveness alongside the ability to te pick up on nuances in a particular user’s voice.

Questions such as what is going on in this source code will be able to be answered as the feature has been adapted to possibly one day be able to watch an entire game of sports and be able to explain the rules to users.

The goal will be to make OpenAi more natural. ChatGPT 4-o will be more bilingual, will have more enhanced performance and will likely be twice as fast.

ChatGPT 4-o will be available on the free tier of ChatGPT this week.  ChatGPT Plus will get access to the app first, with a Windows version likely to arrive later this year.

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