How telemedicine could be a career option for doctors

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In the challenging landscape for doctors in South Africa, telemedicine is becoming a promising career alternative for young medical professionals.

By extending telemedicine as a managed service to businesses, both employer and employee experiences can be enhanced while ensuring a stable work environment for doctors, as highlighted by Guardian Eye MD Rodney Taylor.

Guardian Eye MD Rodney Taylor

Guardian Eye has introduced AVA, an asynchronous IoT medical device and telemedicine platform tailored for businesses in South Africa.

Taylor explains that this managed service is designed to be affordable, accessible, and available at any time.

The service’s expansion, along with its support to numerous pharmacies through a consistent supply of medical prescriptions, positions Guardian Eye to understand the current needs of doctors and pharmacies.

Taylor says it’s a challenging environment for doctors, with many considering or actively seeking opportunities abroad, in areas such as in Canada.

Relocating is often a complex and a costly endeavor.

Numerous doctors, after completing their community service, struggle to secure positions in the private sector.

As Health Minister Joe Phaahla has pointed out, budget constraints make it difficult to find salaries for doctors in the public sector.

Starting a private practice is financially burdensome, requiring substantial investments in bank loans, leases, staff, marketing, and health insurance.

Telemedicine as a managed service emerges as a sustainable and appealing career path for doctors in the country.

While many telemedicine platforms globally and in South Africa operate on a model where doctors log in remotely when available, AVA’s managed service requires doctors to work on-site in Johannesburg.

This approach ensures that doctors are not only well-trained for virtual consultations but are also managed effectively to deliver efficient services.

For doctors, this setup provides a collaborative and stable work environment among like-minded professionals.

Taylor emphasizes that applying to work at a managed service provider like AVA involves more than just signing up; it includes comprehensive training through an academy to equip young professionals as effective virtual doctors.

Additionally, small, independent pharmacies often face difficulties staying operational in the current economic climate.

AVA supports these pharmacies by channeling prescriptions from large manufacturers with numerous employees to local independent pharmacies, helping to keep costs manageable. This ensures that businesses and their employees receive cost-effective scripted medicines.

The technology behind AVA is not merely about innovation for its own sake but about addressing critical challenges throughout the supply chain.

It aims to democratize access to quality medical care across the country, ensuring that everyone, regardless of location, benefits from improved medical services.

In conclusion, the integration of telemedicine as a managed service like AVA presents a viable solution to the numerous challenges faced by doctors and pharmacies in South Africa.

By leveraging technology, Guardian Eye is enhancing the healthcare landscape, making it more accessible and sustainable for both medical professionals and patients.

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