What to do if you’re in an accident in 2024, what you need to know

Car accidents are stressful and often confusing ordeals. To minimize the chaos and uncertainty following a collision, drivers should be familiar with the essential steps.

Step one

Ensure the safety of yourself and others involved. Turn off the car, activate hazard lights, and check for injuries. If medical attention is necessary, dial 112 for emergency services.

Remain at the scene if there are injuries or property damage. The law requires drivers to stay put until a police officer arrives.

Utilize emergency features. If you’re a Blink by MiWay user and sustain a serious collision, their app can automatically detect the accident and notify their 24/7 emergency call center.

Step 2: Information 

Deploy the emergency warning triangle. This portable device, typically stored in the trunk, should be placed at least 45 meters behind the accident scene to warn approaching drivers.

Document the details of the accident. Use your phone to record the date, time, weather conditions, and location of the crash. Take photographs of the damage to all vehicles involved.

Step 3: The checklist

Collect information from the other parties involved. This checklist details the essential details to obtain:

  • Full names and contact information of all drivers and vehicle owners (if different)
  • Identification numbers of all drivers
  • Insurance details of the other vehicle(s), including the company name and policy number
  • Details of the employer if a company vehicle is involved
  • Make, model, color, and registration number of all vehicles involved
  • Contact information of any witnesses
  • Reporting the Accident and Claiming Insurance

Step 4: Contact your insurance company

Inform them of the accident and inquire about towing services.

Utilize authorized towing services. Heed your insurer’s advice and avoid using unauthorized tow truck drivers. Obtain a quote, record the driver’s information and vehicle registration details, and secure authorization from your insurer before towing the vehicle.

Step 5: File an accident report.

Within 24 hours of the accident, visit a police station to file a report, even for minor damage. This report number is crucial for your insurance claim.

Essential Information for the accident report

  • Time and location of the incident
  • Details of all parties involved and their vehicles
  • Road conditions (including weather at the time)
  • Suspected use of drugs or alcohol, with details of any on-site testing
  • A sketch and description of the accident
  • Honesty and Documentation are Key
  • Both the accident report and insurance claim forms require clear and accurate details of the accident. Be truthful in describing the events that transpired.

By familiarizing yourself with these procedures, you can take control in the aftermath of a car accident. This knowledge can minimize stress and expedite the claims process.

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