Explore, Flip or Fold, Samsung’s plan for Galaxy Unpacked

Samsung is all set to unveil its latest fleet of devices under the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked theme on Wednesday afternoon at 15:00.

The live-streamed event will start in the afternoon, with consumers likely to see Samsung’s latest offering of the foldable, wearables, and whatever Samsung decides to unpack for the South African market.

It’s no secret that the South African market has been exposed to an unguarded leak of a product from Samsung but we cannot wait to see what the streamed event will unpack following a palatable AI-filled launch of the S24 series.

The streaming is expected to kick off at 3 pm, showcasing how far Samsung has come and the possible vision going forward.

We would put money on more Galaxy AI software to be brought forward, especially in foldables likely to be unveiled – crossed fingers.

We assume the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 are likely to make an appearance, but Samsung remains tight-lipped on their incoming fleet.

We hope to see smart rings, buds, and an array of other AI-infused mobile devices as we can safely bet that Samsung will more than likely have upgraded AI as their pull.  Why change a recipe that worked, not so long ago for the S24 series?

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