Groundbreaking conference to equip youth, project EYWA

Youth attendees of the EYWA conference

The Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) recently hosted a groundbreaking conference at JCC House, marking the official launch of the EYWA Project. This comprehensive initiative aims to empower underprivileged women and young people in the Gauteng province by enhancing their employability and economic conditions.

Carmen Ayllon – Director of Transnational Projects at the Spain Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The EYWA Project, a European initiative, is executed by four partners: CCI Spain (as the Lead Applicant), in collaboration with JCCI, Lulalab Foundation, and Youth Employment Service NPC (YES) in South Africa.

These organizations bring a wealth of expertise and experience in supporting underprivileged women and youth in Gauteng.

The EYWA project focuses on strengthening the capacity of national and local civil society organizations in South Africa, particularly those focused on women and youth.

Its primary goals include:

Promoting gender equality: The project aims to create an inclusive environment where women and young people have equal access to opportunities and resources.

Facilitating youth inclusion in the labor market: By addressing youth unemployment, the EYWA Project seeks to bridge the gap between education and employment.

Supporting entrepreneurship initiatives: The project encourages entrepreneurship founded by women and young people, fostering economic growth.

Building capacity: EYWA aims to empower women and youth networks, encouraging their active participation in policy dialogues.

Strengthening public-private partnerships: The project collaborates with both sectors to address socio-economic challenges and prevent gender-based violence.

During the conference, discussions highlighted significant challenges faced by young people. These challenges include limited access to opportunities and a lack of necessary skills for workforce positions. To address these issues:

Synergy between sectors: The public and private sectors must collaborate to create systems that provide information about opportunities and support youth empowerment programs.

Education system revision: Equipping young people with relevant skills is crucial. The education system should prepare them for the job market or entrepreneurship.

Commitment to empowerment: Young people should view learnerships, apprenticeships, and internships as skill-building opportunities rather than mere employment. Commitment is essential for project success.

Local solutions

Youth were challenged to identify local problems and devise solutions.

By doing so, they can improve living conditions, combat poverty, and create functional economic hubs in townships.

Innovation, combined with empowerment opportunities, serves as a catalyst for addressing youth unemployment.

The EYWA Project represents a collaborative effort to empower women and youth, fostering a more inclusive and economically vibrant Gauteng province.

Through targeted training and strategic partnerships, it aims to create a lasting impact and pave the way for a brighter future.

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