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All posts by Andrew Lynch

Andrew Lynch is obsessed about the tech and startup world. Not being too keen for the "real world" and short holidays, he is still a student currently pursuing a Masters degree in International Relations at Rhodes University. Despite his affinity technology his current student status only allows him to afford a Nokia 1280 - a classic phone with a black and white screen.
  • 6 Great videos to inspire you this Christmas

    With Christmas only a few days away Memeburn has a Christmas gift for you. We have compiled a Christmas video collection for 2011. Featuring everything from cruel pranks and parodies to classic tv adverts -- the collection is truly magical. From all of us at Memeburn, Merry Christmas This 2011 advert from John Lewis embodies the true spirit of Christmas. Most certain to bring a smile to your face. It will...

  • The coolest tech videos at TED 2011

    The inaugural TED conference in 1984 featured one of the first demonstrations of the Macintosh Computer and the Sony compact disc. Over the last two decades TED has continued to bring us great new ideas and mind boggling technologies. 2011 is no different. Below we feature a hand picked selection of some of the most awesome tech to have emerged out of TED in Monteray California and TEDGlobal in Edinburgh Scotland Markus Fischer: A robot that flies like a bird Icarus' ill-fated attempt at conquering the skies certainly did not deter the engineers of Smart Bird. Based on the Herring...

  • 6 services for taking your data to the cloud

    Saving your data to the cloud is crucial. The cloud provides what is probably the most reliable way of ensuring that, if your house burns down or your laptop gets stolen, your data won't be lost too. Even more enticing is the ability to access your data from any location with an internet connection. Such features alleviate the need to carry flash sticks and portable hard drives when attempting to get your data for A to B. A disadvantage does, however, arise in the case of slow or capped internet services. Many users will feel faint and frustrated when...

  • 3rd party comments: Which system is best for your website?

    Putting the functionality in place for users to comment on your content is key to building relationships with your readers. Getting them to engage with your website means that they will be more likely to return for more in the future, if their experience is good. Commenting is fast becoming a science, now rich in functionality to manage volumes of users and to keep the quality of the interactions higher (in most cases). This is why many sites outsource commenting features to third party applications that expertly know how to manage communities. Third party commenting systems which are both...

  • 32 web frameworks to choose from for your next project

    Whether you're wanting to build a tech startup or enhance your company's online presence you are going to be facing two constraints. First, a limited budget and second, a tight deadline. A solution to these problems is a web development framework. Frameworks are built on top of programming languages and provide methods of streamlining some of the more mundane and common tasks associated with web development. In essence, they allow developers to...

  • Seven tools for developing your own mobile apps

    Mobile is the world's fastest growing platform. As a result many individuals and firms have turned to mobile applications to more effectively engage their audience. This is no easy task, however, since creating these apps requires a good command of advanced programming languages such as Objective C (iOS) or Java (Android). Fortunately, a number of tools have been created which open this space up to both novices and web designers. These development...

  • Research shows iPad tops the tablet world

    A study released on Wednesday by the Online Publishers Association showed that Ninety-three percent of tablet users have downloaded apps to their devices. The average tablet user downloaded 20 apps, predominantly in the categories of weather, games, music, social networking and news. Of these users, seventy-nine percent paid for apps, spending an average of US$53 during the last twelve months. With a total of Twenty-six percent of all apps downloaded being paid apps,...

  • Ten of the coolest TED talks [Videos]

    The Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conferences bring together luminaries from a wide range of fields. They come to delight and entertain us with stories of their endeavours -- told in less than 18 minutes. We have hand-picked ten of the coolest videos: Featured below are journalists, scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs who have “ideas worth spreading”. Joshua Klein: The amazing intelligence of crows Joshua Klein has spent the last 10 years obsessing about crows. These birds traditionally known as harbingers of doom and death are revealed to have a remarkable intelligence. Klein built a vending machine that harnesses this intelligence, in the...