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All posts by Asif Iqbal Shaik

Asif is a Consumer Electronics Expert with MySmartPrice, which is the best price comparison website in India. He is am a computer sciences graduate and has been closely following consumer electronics space from last six years. he has been a technology blogger for the past three years.
  • Motorola Moto E (2nd gen) review: entry-level done right

    Starting with the Moto X in 2013, Motorola started a whole trend of making value-for-money smartphones with a heavy focus on optimised software. Later came the Moto G (1st Gen), which sold like hot cakes in various parts of the world, including India. It offered the right amount of hardware for the price, and Motorola had put in a lot of effort in getting the basics right, such as the build quality, loudspeaker performance, and the battery life. Later, it went on the release a slimmed-down variant dubbed the Moto E, but it lacked a little too much, such as...

  • 5 ways smartphone manufacturers can win the budget phone battle

    There has been massive growth in smartphone sales in the past few years. Ever since the introduction of iPhone, Android, and smartphone applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Viber, even common people are experiencing a strong urge to use smartphones instead of feature phones. Granted, there are still a few number of feature phones being produced by the likes of Microsoft (the Nokia 215, above, is a good example), but smartphones are slowly becoming more affordable and more powerful lower down the economic spectrum. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Micromax Yu Yureka review: Cyanogen OS mid-ranger with terrific value

    The Yu Yureka, the first smartphone offering from Micromax’s new online-only brand attempts to take down the likes of Xiaomi, OnePlus, Lenovo, and Huawei. Yu’s focus is to provide maximum value to the buyers by offering great hardware at dirt-cheap price, fast software, and software support for longer than usual times. It offers the best hardware at its price, even beating Xiaomi, and that’s a great achievement considering the latter is one of the fastest growing brands on the planet. Read more on Gearburn.

  • ASUS to Xiaomi: 5 smartphone brands to look out for in 2015

    The year 2014 saw the launch of some great smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the OnePlus One, the Motorola Nexus 6, the LG G3, and the like. All these smartphones had loads of horsepower under the hood, yet could boast all day battery life even under heavy usage patterns. However, the previous year is well behind us, and 2015 brings hopes of even better smartphones, and we think that it won’t be only about sheer performance, but also about the value-for-money factor of these devices. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Visions of the future: virtual reality will feature big players in 2015

    Virtual reality is looking to re-imagine the future. Imagine putting on a goggles and being instantly transported to another time, or another country altogether. That is the promise that the technology aims to deliver. As a medium, the idea behind virtual reality, or VR, has its roots in the late 80s and early 90s, but the existing technology at the time wasn’t powerful enough to create the sort of ultra-realistic environments that are essential in simulating what virtual reality has to offer. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Apples and oranges: the best iPad alternatives of 2014

    It is not very hard to accept the fact that the Apple's iPad is still one of the best tablet out there, thanks to great hardware and plenty of tablet optimised apps. The newly announced iPad Air 2 is one of the most powerful, yet slimmest tablets in the world. But what if you don’t like an iPad or the iOS because of its limitations? Have you been looking out for alternatives to iPad which come with added benefits of Android or Windows 8? Here’s a list of the best iPad alternatives of 2014. Read more on Gearburn.

  • iPhone 6 Plus review: enter the iPhablet

    Apple has finally set its foot in the phablet market this year with the iPhone 6 Plus. It took Apple about four years to understand that people do like big screens, no matter how awkward they are to handle with one hand. The iPhone 6 Plus is Apple’s biggest leap since the iPhone 4. It features a large 5.5-inch screen, completely different exterior design, a more open software platform with iOS 8, and a massive battery. Let’s see how Apple’s phablet performs. Read more on Gearburn.

  • iOS 8 review: incremental iDevice improvements

    Apple announced iOS 8 during WWDC 2014 and was released to the public two days ahead of the iPhone 6 launch. One thing that you must know is that iOS 8 doesn’t bring any drastic changes that we’ve come to know from iOS 7, which brought a complete new UI design. The design of the latest update is largely based on iOS 7’s new flat and colourful design theme. iOS 8 is more about adding subtle changes and refinements to existing features but the most interesting bit about iOS 8 is that Apple is finally opening up to third-party...

  • From geek to gorgeous: 15 fabulously fashionable gadgets

    For once, let’s pretend appearance matters more than performance. If you are fashionable, shouldn’t it reflect in your gadgets? Here’s a list of 15 fashionable gadgets that will incite jealousy in friend and foe alike. Not only are these gadgets fashionable, they perform great too. 1. Motorola Moto X (2014) The Motorola Moto X, which was released last year, was already one of the best looking smartphones in the world thanks to its custom-nature, but Motorola has made it even better this year with the new Moto X (2014). Read more on Gearburn.

  • Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review: the other best $100 smartphone

    The budget smartphone market is going really crazy in terms of competition. Every brand is trying to offer better specifications than their competitors at a lower price. Asus recently launched the complete range of dual-SIM Android smartphones -- Zenfone 4 A400CG, Zenfone 4 A450CG, Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6. Motorola had previously launched Moto G and Moto E. After launching the Xiaomi Mi 3 in India, the brand which is being termed as "Apple of China", it then announced the Redmi 1S. Read more on Gearburn.

  • Asus Zenfone 4 review: the best $100 Android smartphone yet

    ASUS, apart from making the low-cost Nexus 7 tablets for Google, has mostly focused on high-end devices. Its PadFone lineup, which boasts of smartphones that turn into tablets at a moment’s notice, and the Transformer series of tablets have all been premium devices carrying a formidable price tag. So when the Taiwanese manufacturer launched the new Zenfone lineup of 4, 5 and 6-inch phones at rock-bottom prices, it took quite a few folks by surprise. Motorola might have stunned the world with the US$179 Moto G and the US$100 Moto E, but the three Zenfones are even better when it...

  • OnePlus One vs Xiaomi Mi 3: the budget flagship battle

    Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus are giving a hard time to well-known international brands like Samsung, LG and Sony by pushing out some really great smartphones at half the cost. We’ve managed to source two such smartphones: OnePlus One and Xiaomi Mi 3 for a detailed performance comparison. Both the devices come with a groundbreaking price tag. Let’s see which one is capable of providing you with the best performance. Design, appearance and build quality The One is a really large and heavy device but OnePlus made sure to make it as ergonomic as possible using a curved back and thin...

  • Xiaomi smartphones may take over the world: here are 6 reasons why

    If you don't happen to live under a rock, you might have heard of Xiaomi, a company often referred to as the "Apple of China". You'll likely hear about it even more in the coming days thanks to the successful launch of the Xiaomi Mi 3. In India, one of the markets where the Xiaomi Mi 3 launched, it sold out within 40 minutes of availability. Or five minutes, says The Economic Times. You should get to know more about Xiaomi, and these six facts are a great place to start. Read more on Gearburn.

  • OnePlus One review: two good to ignore

    OnePlus One are the words on every phone fanatic's lips. Made by a new company that was later revealed to be wholly owned by Oppo, the OnePlus One is the best performing Smartphone in the industry at a sub-$500 price point. It beats Google at its own game by offering a Nexus competitor that is faster, offers more storage, is more beautiful, has a better camera and costs far less, to top it off. Priced at US$299 for the 16GB version and US$349 for the 64GB version, the OnePlus One only has a few competitors that can match up to...

  • Here’s how to build your own killer $500 Xbox One or PS4 gaming PC

    Both the next generation gaming consoles, Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One are out and we’ve seen some really interesting performance comparisons. But what if you want a gaming machine that does more than just gaming and media playback? The custom AMD GPUs used in the PS4 and Xbox One are close to a Radeon HD 7870 or an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti at best. Meaning that none of these consoles can run games at resolutions higher than 1080p, let alone things like 4K and many games on these consoles still run at 720p or 900p. Read more on Gearburn.