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All posts by Athar Naser

Athar Naser
Athar Nasar, a first class honours university graduate in Multimedia Design, Technology & Communications, has joined Primedia Online where he heads up Juice Content, which creates bespoke content solutions for businesses to ensure your online platforms “speak” to your customers, and each other. Athar brings a wealth of global media and digital experience, adding to the already rich talent pool at Primedia Online, publisher of South Africa’s most established portal, iafrica.com.
  • Content marketing: getting the basics right

    The modern media consumer has developed quite a talent for zoning-out marketing messages intended to engage them across pretty much all platforms, be it television, radio or digital. Lives are busier and the choices are seemingly limitless. The trick for business now is to stop shouting at their consumers with intrusive and interruptive advertising and focus instead on building relationships with their consumers. This ‘conversational’ non-interruptive approach has seen the rise of what’s become known as content marketing. Earn the attention of consumers The most effective way to get a customer's attention is to earn it by engaging...

  • Content marketing 101: Why you really need to know your audience

    Content marketing is about connecting with your audience. People are great at tuning out messages that they’re not interested in, so to attract them you need to give them content they want to consume. Rather than going in for the hard sell and telling them what to buy, you’re telling them what they want to know. Brands face many challenges like the difficulty of cutting through in a crowded online market, lower retention rates, competing for share of voice in social media, and the fragmentation of audiences. Content marketing seeks to answer these challenges by finding new ways to...