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All posts by Chris Rawlinson

Chris Rawlinson looks after Digital Innovation for Ogilvy South Africa, the country’s largest communications agency. Originally an Englishman he has made Cape Town his home, and has helped grow many top brands in the online and integrated space, such as Volkswagen, SAB, Cadburys, and Audi. His love and understanding of innovation, technology, and advertising, has given him a unique ability to translate complex change in the industry, into practical, effective advertising methods. He is a founding member of the ODMA (Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy), 27 Dinners, Geek Dinners, and has helped run the South African Blog Awards for many years. Chris’s work has won several international awards over the years including being listed in Ad Age’s top 50 Marketing Campaigns of the year.
  • 13 of the global ad industry’s best efforts for 2013

    This year has been a pretty good one for advertising. Rather than new trends coming in there has been an evolution of existing ones.  The traditional 30 seconds TV spot is no longer de rigueur, and only 2 or 3 of the ads below are what you would call traditional ads. There are evermore activations, acts, bits of branded content, and Goodvertising (ads that make the world a better place) is very much here to stay. Here are 13 of the best ads from 2013. The list is in no particular order, so please feel free to troll the comments...

  • The best ads of 2012: Coca Cola, Chevy and McDonald’s

    It’s that time of year again where every second article you read is a top 10 list of this or that, so I thought it a good time to put together a list of what I believe have been some of the year's top ads from around the world. This year we continued to see more and more great interactive / activation work, the most memorable being Red Bull’s continued dominance in doing advertising a little different and live streaming the worlds highest, fastest, most adrenaline filled skydive… ever. The below list is in no particular order, please feel free...

  • Should FOMO be part of your online campaign strategy?

    Recently several publications have been talking about FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and predicting how it’s set to become a major player in future online campaign strategies. One article even talks about a “FOMO INDEX”, ranking brands according to the fear factor they command! Apart from the fact I’m a little shocked to see the word FOMO used in a business article so much, I also have some slightly different thoughts on the matter myself. I understand that people don’t want to miss out on anything now a days (FOMO), but what I think they often really mean is...

  • Top 15 online ads of 2011

    2011 has been my first year of officially working with Ogilvy South Africa. It’s been incredible to watch the blood, sweat, and tears that go into making something that we see, and for the most part ignore, hundreds of times every day. It takes great creativity and courage (from clients and agencies) to create something that pushes through the mundane and catches our attention. What I really like is when brands actually connect with real people and make a relevant, emotional impact, which is then so easy to capture and create wider publicity. Great content can always be amplified across...