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All posts by Deseré Orrill

Deseré Orrill
Deseré Orrill is MD of MobiMedia, a boutique mobile marketing agency based in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
  • Polygamous publishing methods keep swinging readers engaged

    Some publications are born digital. Others become digital. And then, there are those that swing both ways……To grow revenue, digital and traditional publishing worlds need to ‘co-habit’ and benefit each other. The debate as to whether print publications have a place in the consumption habits of today’s consumer, continues to rage. Nowhere is this debate louder though than when discussing the merits of traditional vs online advertising. Both print and digital publishing realms rely heavily on this as income and with ever shrinking advertising budgets, the bucks need to work harder in an increasingly...

  • Is regulation about to stifle Africa’s mobile money boom?

    Necessity is the mother of invention and nowhere does this ring more true than across Africa. Access to basic transactional requirement has sparked innovation in mobile payment methods and in the process, has championed socio-economic advancement. While the mobile phone has many notable benefits; from straightforward connectedness to education and knowledge share, it is the rapidly evolving mobile economy that deserves particular mention. To conduct business we need a willing seller/buyer and currency to affect the trade. But what if there is no bank account? No access to hard cash? Geographic challenges? Then you need to get smart. Over...

  • 3 quick ways to up your mobile marketing efforts in Africa

    Africa’s mobile revolution has been the subject of much discussion for businesses looking to target the continent’s growing consumer population using mobile phones. That does not however mean you can just have some form of mobile presence and watch the cash roll in. In Africa the most effective marketing tool is the mobile as it reaches the broadest market. In South Africa alone there are around eight-million people accessing the internet via laptop or PC but the balance use their cellphones. There is also a whole generation who will probably skip laptops or PCs entirely and will only know...

  • Digital advertising: it’s time to get real

    Digital advertising spend is increasing annually on a global scale and this global trend is being felt in emerging market countries too. According to statistics released from The MediaShop, the recorded advertising spend in a medium-sized country like South Africa totalled around R32-billion at the end of 2011, with digital advertising spend amounting to around R752.5-million of the total sum. Although still a small percentage, online advertising in the country is expected to grow at a rapid pace over the next three to five years. As audiences migrate from print to digital, and television audiences increasingly practice ‘multi-screen’ viewing,...

  • 2013: the year of mobile… again

    We’ve all heard it time and again, the strident claim: “This is the year of mobile.” An overused statement? Possibly. One that rings true nevertheless? Certainly. Because, in fact, every year is the year in which mobile is stronger than it was the year before. And markedly so. While growth in the global mobile market has stagnated, it's worth remembering that there's not much space left to grow, a very different scenario to the one we faced a few years ago. In this increasingly mobile world, we are constantly on the move and need/want to be connected at all...