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All posts by Diane Charton

As managing director of Red & Yellow, Diane Charton steers the strategic direction of the business. She strives to empower and educate the SA marketing communications industry through a myriad of traditional and digital educational platforms. With a unique combination of marketing, leadership and engineering experience, Charton brings a multifaceted approach to using marketing trends and insights to innovate and empower the industry as a whole. Charton is frequently quoted in South African media and invited to speak at conferences because of her ability to bring insight and illumination to the latest trends and technologies in the world of traditional and digital marketing communication.
  • 4 things brands must do to ensure their content marketing remains relevant

    After years of hype about content marketing, we’re seeing a backlash against the concept from consumers and brands alike. But this doesn’t spell the end of content marketing. Rather, it means brands must leave behind bad content marketing practices and focus on those that add real value to the business. That means honing in on the ways that content marketing can build the brand as well as better customer relationships. Many brands think that content marketing is cheap – it’s not. It can be valuable, but making it work for you demands some level of commitment and investment. Here...

  • Could AR be the shot in the arm print so desperately needs?

    As South African newspapers and magazines come under increasing pressure from digital competition, so must they look to digital innovations such as augmented reality to rejuvenate their business models. Struggling publishers could make their print products more engaging and exciting for readers by weaving them together with their digital experiences. Augmented reality, for example, could help them to enrich their print materials with interactive content. It could also enable them to offer new advertising options to their clients - ones that are more immersive and tangible than static print ads. Augmented reality is a technology that enhances the real-world...

  • 5 big ways behavioural economics is changing traditional marketing

    To be truly successful in marketing and advertising, we need to understand human motivation and behaviour at a deep level so that we are more able to influence it. Yet the marketing industry has clung to the same frameworks for modelling the ways that people evaluate information and make decisions for decades. That picture is changing quickly as thinking from the worlds of economics and psychology creep into marketing. A discipline called behavioural economics, in particular, is challenging many of our old assumptions and helping us to think about how our customers behave in totally new ways. Behavioural...

  • How consumers are taking a central role in brand stories

    Brands around the world face a significant challenge in understanding new consumer behaviours and patterns of thinking, which are rendering many of the techniques people in the marketing and advertising industry relied on in the past obsolete. Today customers are no longer passive consumers of the goods and services that brands provide – they also want to play a role in shaping the narratives, experiences and even the values of the companies they interact with. At the same time, breakthroughs in psychology, economics and other academic disciplines are rapidly changing brands' understanding of consumers by equipping them with...

  • Drowning out internet noise through human filters

    You may have a friend or two who you can always trust to tell you, with impeccable taste, which new films, albums, gadgets or restaurants are worth your time and money. This information is priceless if you don't have the time or patience to sample everything available to find the good stuff among the many options flooding the market for yourself. This principle is gaining traction in the online space, largely as the result of the rise of social media. Increasingly, internet users are depending on trusted members of their online social networks and media environments to help them...