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All posts by Donovan White

Donovan White
Donovan White is a Social Media Strategist at NATIVE VML.
  • Emoji: Language killer, parasite or symbiosis?

    Earth. Population 7.2 Billion and a whopping 6500 languages being spoken every day. Africa. The second most populous continent in the world with 1.1-billion people and almost 2 000 languages are spoken daily. Amongst the languages spoken on our beautiful continent, UNESCO has listed 79 African languages as critically endangered, 66 severely endangered, 51 as definitely endangered and 44 are vulnerable. The nature of the issue crosses all four corners of Africa. To the west, only four people who can speak Njerep remain and in the east, only 6 people in Ethiopia can speak Ongota. South Africa may be home...

  • Harry Potter and the severe case of digital depression

    Warning: if you have no clue what The Order of the Phoenix is, this article probably does not apply to you* Some call it the ugly monster from within, but I just have this one image in my mind. It feels like an animated photo of Sirius Black screaming for his life in Azkaban as pictured on The Daily Prophet – the torturous feeling of Dementors sucking the life out of you. Dr. Seuss calls this the Slump, “and un-slumping yourself is not easily done”. Anyone who knows me knows I am a digital and social media go-getter...

  • What can brands do to curb the rise of the content zombie?

    With The Walking Dead TV series being all the rage, the gruesome image of what’s known as ‘walkers’ (AKA zombies) tearing someone’s stomach open has been top of my mind for a while. When considering the way we consume content, I couldn’t help but think that there is actually no difference between our content consuming habits and that of a “walker”. Zombies starve when they have no human flesh to feed off of, causing the little neurological lights flickering in their reptilian brains to switch off. In similar vein, welcome to the on-demand content culture where people are...

  • What Barry Roux and Neknominations teach us about the power of memes

    Let me put it to you: “The dominant media at any given time in a society strongly shapes both the individual and collective life” – Marshal McLuhan What has dominated the South African social media space especially in these last few weeks, was not the elections and the long awaited release of the Public Protector’s Nkandla report. Instead it’s been humorous constructs around Advocate Barry Roux in the Oscar Pistorius trial and the trend of NekNominations evolving into RakNominations. Known as memes, these are just two examples of the most recent topics that have taken on a life of...