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All posts by Dr Srini Pillay

Dr. Srini Pillay, founder and CEO of NeuroBusiness Group, is a pioneer in brain-based executive coaching who is dedicated to collaborating with experts to help people unleash their full potential.
  • Beauty and the brain: why it’s impossible to take your eyes off an iPhone

    There is an inherent paradox in the title of this article: While beauty does not need “reason” to make an impact, there is still so much we can learn from exploring why it impacts us. When humans experience beauty, the brain’s default mode network (DMN) activates and begins interacting with other brain regions. Together, these regions process emotion, perception, memory, imagery, and language — it’s no wonder beauty is so deeply moving to us. As such, the more senses involved in a beautiful experience, the greater the chances are of complex neurological interactions and brain growth. Now, think about...