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All posts by Frans De Villiers

Frans De Villiers
Frans De Villiers has worked in marketing all of his career. He started in advertising first at Saatchi & Saatchi and then at the Jupiter Drawing Room in Account Management. He then moved into Marketing first with Jan Braai at National Braai Day and eventually for 12 months at World of Avatar working on Mxit as a Special marketing project manager and in video production. He has now fully committed to Digital as the Account Director of Digital at the mighty Cow Africa.
  • What Alan Knott-Craig’s departure means for brand Mxit: An insider’s view

    Until three weeks ago Frans De Villiers worked at Mxit as a special marketing project manager. He explains what life under Alan Knott-Craig Junior was like and how his departure could affect Mxit as a brand. Alan Knott-Craig Junior was Mxit’s Barack Obama. He rocked up at the scene at a time when the brand was certainly on the down. By no means am I implying that former CEO Herman Heunis was George W Bush, I regard him as a visionary tech leader who built an amazing company, but let's be honest: the company had lost a lot of...