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All posts by Glenn Gillis

Glenn is the managing director of Sea Monster Entertainment, one of South Africa’s pre-eminent animation, gaming and app development companies. He is also the co-founder of Relate, a social trust that provides employment opportunities and connects organisations to good causes by making branded bracelets. A sought-after speaker, facilitator, researcher and strategist, he’s provided management consultant services to a number of growing private sector businesses. He’s also used his skills to help leading public sector agencies, like the Cape Film Commission and the Department of Trade & Industry. His area of expertise is the film, media and the creative industries. Glenn is part of the line up at Content 2013, the local, comprehensive content marketing conference taking place in Cape Town on the 25th and 26th February.
  • 5 huge benefits of augmented reality in the classroom

    Students at Hoërskool Dinamika, a school in the east of Johannesburg, are gathered around a table. Sets of cards are arranged in rows before them. Some students also have the cards in their hands and one has a smartphone out. They're full of smiles and are clearly deeply engrossed in what they are doing. But it's not what you think. They're not on a break. They're actually in class and hard at work learning. The cards are from Super Animals, a promotion by food retailer Pick 'n Pay meant to reward loyal customers. They found their way into the classroom thanks...

  • Why advertising has a part to play in engaging digital story-telling

    Media content has evolved dramatically over the last 70 years, and the models traditionally used to fund such content are only just keeping up. The vast array of content today would probably overwhelm those pioneers who celebrated the first television broadcast back in 1928. Nearly 100 years later and instant access to an unlimited wealth of information is an intrinsic part of many of our daily lives. It is almost impossible to imagine a world without TV, or the internet, and – that equally feared and admired suave cousin that is always at every party - advertising. The rise of...