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All posts by Hongwei Liu

Hongwei Liu
Hongwei is the CEO and co-founder of Mappedin, a digital wayfinding solution that helps customers manage their dynamic indoor spaces, enabling consumers to find what they are looking for – by category, brand, product and promotion. Formerly, Hongwei worked with brilliant people at BlackBerry's radio-frequency lab and studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo. Hongwei has always loved technology, especially the web - as a source of knowledge, entertainment, productivity, outreach, and now as a way to make an impact. He is very interested in how technology and brick and mortar will collide.
  • Street-front businesses win with Pokemon Go, different story for those indoors

    I’ll admit: I’ve got to catch them all. And in all probability you do too. The last few weeks I’ve been reading the various takes on how businesses can capitalize on the Pokemon Go craze. Marketing media in particular seem to be trying to help brands and agencies understand the opportunities for them in the fastest growing mobile game of all time. Do you try to get your brand in Pokemon Go by working directly with Niantic? Do you buy hundreds of “lure modules” and tell players that the Pokemon in your outlets are for paying customers only? Do you offer...