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All posts by Inge van Eetveldt

Inge is a content producer and social media manager at Digital Fire - a digital marketing agency specialising in Email and Social Media marketing. She is fascinated by social networks and sometimes wishes she could permanently relocate to one of her pin boards on Pinterest.
  • The future of online content marketing: brands will become like publishers

    Content marketing has taken off as brands move away from traditional advertising in order to embrace a more social, engaging way to connect with consumers in order to nurture brand loyalty and awareness. Content marketing is based on the idea of creating, curating and most importantly, publishing and sharing original content. In today’s information obsessed online communities this branch of digital marketing is rapidly growing as people increasingly realise the power of branded content. Despite its success, the idea behind creating a content-focused strategy is still relatively new. According to a recent study conducted by Outbrain and Econsultancy, a...

  • 5 areas of social media that are about to get seriously exciting

    Social media has completely altered the way we interact and share with one another, compelling brands to follow suit and embrace the age of social media. When it comes to getting you, or your brand's name out there, it is still evolving and in constant flux as social communities grow and new social networks spring up. It has undoubtedly become the central mechanism through which people communicate with each other and share information about products and brands. On these interactive platforms consumers are able to make a significant brand impact -- especially when the innately viral nature of social...

  • 4 reasons why Google+ is cooler than ever

    When Google+ launched in 2011, the new social network on the block was warmly received and lauded for its cool, user-friendly interface and innovative approach. It was also billed as a new competitor to the omnipresent Facebook -- which, in hindsight, probably set the whole thing up for an inevitable anti-climax. Despite keeping up a steady albeit sluggish growth, it was just becoming too easy to rip on the 'blunder' some saw Google+ to be. Just a few weeks back The Oatmeal turned his satirical eye on the social network and included it in his state of the web comic,...

  • Five artists who are pushing the digital frontier

    The face of the music industry was irrevocably altered when the digital age dawned, changing the way people obtained, listened to and interacted with music. In this precarious new world some artists chose not to simply accept the move to a more interactive digital presence -- but have truly immersed themselves in all the facets that digital technology offers them as creative beings. Whether that means hosting fun and thought-provoking online campaigns or even releasing an entire album as an App -- these artists "get" tech and what it can do for their music. Arcade Fire When it comes to artists...