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All posts by Jason Stewart

Jason Stewart
Jason Stewart is Managing Partner of HaveYouHeard, South Africa’s first specialist Word-of-Mouth marketing (WOMM) agency, representing brands seeking to develop lasting and intimate relationships with their consumers. After matriculating from the Diocesan College (Bishops) in 1997, Jason spent three years travelling and working in the UK, with trips to Europe, South America, South East Asia, Australia and the Middle East. He enrolled at the Red & Yellow School of Advertising where he obtained a postgraduate Higher Diploma in Marketing and Advertising Communications Management. After graduating in 2002, Jason was invited to work on the Nigerian Breweries account based at Lowe Lintas, Lagos, in Nigeria. Upon return to Cape Town, he joined FCB (now Draft FCB) as a project manager in the below-the-line division. Jason decided to strike out on his own and established HaveYouHeard during 2008, developing a new way of engaging and managing people to become word-of-mouth brand advocates. Not afraid of a crowd, Jason has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences including IMC, the Social Networking Summit, Interactive Summit and the Word of Mouth Marketing Indaba. He has spoken on a variety of topics such as Word-of-Mouth Marketing in South Africa, Influencer Marketing, Word of Mouth 2.0, Social Media - Turning fans into advocates, How to move listeners to become brand ambassadors, Customer Service - The forgotten pillar of marketing and How to grow market share through customer service.
  • The trouble with Facebook? Most brands don’t know how to define success or failure

    Brands are being swindled into spending money, time and effort on Facebook because of the hype and encouragement spread by ‘social media gurus’ as well as the world’s infatuation with this sexy medium. However, the reality of brands’ performance in this space shows that many are wasting their money and should reconsider their investment in building, maintaining and boosting their Facebook presence. The problem, when it comes to Facebook, is that most brands do not know what should be regarded as ‘succeeding’ or ‘failing’. Numbers are often cited by the gurus to substantiate why brands need to be on...

  • 10 must-follow rules for getting people to engage with your brand on Facebook

    It has been widely established that the success of a Facebook Page is not its size, but rather the amount of people engaging with it. This is indicated by the amount of people “talking about this”. The reason why you want a higher percentage of people “talking about this” is to ensure that the brand’s content remains in peoples’ newsfeeds. That is why a high number of “likes” means much less. If only a very small percentage of fans are “talking about this”, your message is falling on deaf ears. Therefore looking at what percentage of your Page...