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All posts by Julia Breakey

  • Facebook one step closer in quest for original content

    Facebook has been dropping heavy hints that they intend to prioritise original content in the near future, and have had no shame in picking up TV executives on their way. MTV executive Mina Lefevre announced Wednesday that she would be joining Facebook as Head of Development, teaming up with Ricky Van Veen (of former CollegeHumour fame). This isn't the first sign that the platform will be pushing for original video. On 26 January, Facebook announced that they would be placing a greater emphasis on longer videos in the News Feed. The company included "percentage completion" to their algorithm -- determining a...

  • Trump hands Twitter a gold mine with ‘Easy D’ tweet

    It should be obvious by now that everything US President Donald Trump tweets will be nitpicked and ridiculed for as long as it takes him to tweet again. Luckily for Twitter though, no one in his administration has rescinded his Twitter privileges just yet. Donald Trump outdid himself last night, tweeting something as cryptic as it is riddled with penis joke opportunities. In an attempt to criticise how long judges are taking to rule on the oral hearing that happened Tuesday, Trump claimed the decision should be "EASY D!" Big increase in traffic into our country from certain areas, while our people...

  • Introducing Snapchat, the new frontier in storytelling

    Most people know Snapchat as the social network for watching people you only slightly care about play around with filters you really don't care about. While that may be all some people see, young innovators are recognising it as a platform to tell stories. Because, heck, that's what the feature is called, right? The first ever Snapchat movie premiered in June last year. Sickhouse was sadistically conceived by Hannah Macpherson, who saw an opportunity to merge creation and distribution methods in one foul swoop. Pairing up with YouTuber Andrea Russett, Macpherson used the social media starlet's Snapchat account to slowly lure...

  • Twitter is cracking down on harassment again with ‘low-quality replies’

    Twitter never seems to get it right when it comes to online safety on its platform. The site has fought many a battle against users worried they aren't doing enough to combat hate speech and harassment. After implementing a few changes in November, the site this week announced that it has rolled out even more in an attempt to create a safer platform for all. The changes implemented include safer search results (which will no longer feature blocked or muted accounts), as well as keeping "low-quality replies" away from the top of threads. The bulk of the criticism lobbied against the...

  • Real-life Nathan Drakes turns Hong Kong’s past into playgrounds

    A self-proclaimed "band of visual creators and storytellers" have taken it upon themselves to tell the story of abandoned buildings and spaces in Hong Kong. HK Urbex is a group of urban explorers who seek to show a side to the densely populated territory that many don't realise exist. "The contrast is surreal," Ghost -- a pseudonym -- tells CNN. He's describing the disparity between an abandoned hospital and the non-stop financial district of Hong Kong. An anonymous member describes in a TedX talk how they were inspired by gaming. "Growing up in the nineties," he says, "I was a huge fan of...

  • Major tech leaders oppose Trump’s travel ban

    Nearly 100 companies, including Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook, filed a "friend-of-the-court" brief against US President Donald Trump's travel ban late Sunday night. The companies believe that the ban precluding citizens of seven Muslim countries from the US will incentivise companies to move jobs outside of the US. "The Order makes it more difficult and expensive for US companies to recruit, hire, and retain some of the world's best employees. It disrupts ongoing business operations," the brief states. Surprising additions to the list of dissenters are Tesla and SpaceX -- both owned by Elon Musk, a member of Trump's business advisory council....

  • 10 Twitter accounts you should follow before SONA 2017

    With every State of the Nation Address comes the barrage of political topics with which to keep up to date. Will President Zuma be more specific about the "fundamental change" to South Africa's economy, as the recent ANC Lekgotla professed? Will he mention #FeesMustFall or Esidimeni and the Health Department? Has his speech writer removed all numbers from his address? It can be difficult to keep up, so we have compiled a list of Twitter accounts to help you in the lead up to the address. SA Gov News - @SAgovnews President Jacob Zuma will present the SONA to a joint sitting of the two...