#Covfefe: Twitter deciphers Trump’s unfinished tweet

donald trump #covfefe twitter

Update, 12.32pm: US President Donald Trump has deleted the tweet, and posted a response.

Original article: Early this morning, US President Donald Trump set out to tweet something angry about the media to his 31-million followers — only he didn’t quite manage to finish it.

And as Twitter is wont to do, it erupted in jokes and theories about the mysterious “covfefe”. What was Trump trying to say? Who was he contacting? And most importantly: how do I write a thinkpiece about it?

Some were just worried for how big a role “covfefe” will play in our future.

Even the Merriam Webster dictionary was not having it today.

Popular Twitter WeRateDogs also got in on the action, capitalising on the president’s mistake almost immediately — though the account has promised half the proceeds will be sent to Planned Parenthood.

And some just prayed it never went away.

The word even had South Africans weighing in, and as of 8.59am, the word was the fourth most popular trending topic in the country.

We’re all laughing now, but we also may have angered the most dangerous man on the planet. So get your covfefe jokes in now before that good old nuclear war.

Feature image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr (CC 2.0 BY-SA, resized)



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