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All posts by Keith Fenner

Keith Fenner is Senior Vice President Sales for Sage ERP X3 AAMEA (Australia, Asia, Middle East and Africa).
  • The IoT future: 6 ways smart technology will affect your business

    Smart technology (IoT), is simply about connecting devices, but while the focus has been on technology that facilitates the creation of smart households, its business applications are endless. According to BI Intelligence, it is projected that by 2020, 34-billion devices will be connected to the internet. While we have heard many international examples of the use of smart technology, in Africa there are more and more examples of the technology being tested and implemented. Smart technology has the potential to change everything and every business needs to consider what these will be and how it will affect them. Here are six ways...

  • Industry 4.0 — manufacturers must embrace tech to remain ahead of global competition

    The first industrial revolution happened back in 1784 when the age of mechanical production dawned; it was followed by a second industrial revolution sparked by electrical energy in 1870 and a third based on the automation of production through IT in 1969. Now we’re on the cusp of Industry 4.0 – a fourth industrial revolution driven by connected devices and sensors, cloud computing, advanced robotics, intelligent software, and a range of other technologies. Industry 4.0 is defined by Deloitte as the merging of the real and virtual worlds on the factory floor – a world of smart factories where cyber-physical...

  • Mobility, Internet of Things, ERP = the need to invest in business systems

    The enterprise resource planning (ERP) landscape is going through a period of accelerated change as end-user organisations and ERP vendors alike prepare for a world of mobile-first customers and employees, massive data volumes, and intelligent, connected sensors and devices in the workplace. Together, these trends mean that organisations across industries are under enormous pressure to embrace innovation and look for opportunities to better leverage business systems for a competitive edge. Many enterprises are seeking alternatives to the monolithic ERP packages of old, looking to replace these legacy systems with newer solutions that are architected for a new world. Here are...

  • Here’s how the ‘third platform’ will bring disruption, change and opportunity to your business

    The third platform is currently described as the convergence of four technology trends on business. These trends are mobility, cloud, social and big data – they fundamentally change the way people and businesses relate to technology. As we embark on the true information age, more trends and technologies may be added as they gain traction and importance in the market. The main impact is the speed of this transformation as it is faster than any mainframe or client/server platform adoption and as such, has a direct effect on anyone doing business in the world today. From IDC’s perspective...