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All posts by Lara Fawzy

Lara Fawzy
Lara Fawzy is co-author of Emerging Business Online: Global Markets and the Power of B2B Internet Marketing , and currently a marketing manager for Cisco’s African region and Turkey (based in Cairo, Egypt). Lara is also Director and founder of her own firm, ebocube Consultancy.
  • How should your Facebook campaign target emerging markets?

    Eight years after launching, Facebook now claims to have over one-billion “active users” logging in per month. The announcement was timely considering Facebook’s faltering share price. Whether or not all user accounts are authentic, this figure is significant when creating integrated marketing communication plans targeting new markets. Where are Facebook’s users in the world? It’s important that you research individual target markets/countries for user statistics before investing time or money in the tool. Facebook’s user base is highest in North America and Europe. There are significant amounts of people using Facebook in emerging markets and Facebook intends to increase these numbers....

  • A revolution and a presidential election: Egypt’s social media mania

    Egyptians have won the right, for the first time in 7000 years, to democratically elect their president. From the outset of the revolution Egyptians took to social media to express their opinions, thoughts and concerns. Subsequent to the first round of the recent  presidential elections, two candidates went head to head into the runoff which led to two polar opposites competing: Ahmed Shafik, the last Prime minster for the former regime and Mohamed Morsy a former Muslim Brotherhood member. The first candidate, perceived by some to be a “liberal” (albeit part of a former oppressive regime) and the latter formerly...

  • How social media supports business events in emerging markets

    My first thoughts when sitting down to write about emerging markets and social media was 'where to start?' Social media is a huge topic and emerging markets are vast, so I’ll narrow this down to using popular social media tools to support Business to Business (B2B) events in emerging markets, virtual and physical. One huge event “The Egyptian Revolution” Now this deserves a post of its own, and I promise I’ll write one. This was certainly not a B2B event, but I just wanted to mention that, based in Cairo, I experienced how social media supported this huge event. Some people...

  • 5 Ways to grow your email list to tap into emerging markets

    I’m sure you’ve heard the term BRICs and the hype surrounding these and other rapidly developing emerging markets. Your company may already be doing business with companies in these countries, or thinking of entering them. They can offer great return on investment and growth to businesses in saturated, mature and post-recessionary markets. Internet penetration is growing at an extraordinary pace in these markets which makes it easier for marketers to reach companies and contacts via online marketing. Email marketing Email marketing alone is a powerful medium, combined with other communication channels, as part of an integrated campaign; it’s even...