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All posts by Mark Comerford

Mark started early with the digital stuff. In mid 1994 he put (one of) the first European daily newspapers online, in 1995 he put the municipality of Stockholm, Sweden, online. In 1996 he started one of the worlds first university level digital journalism courses. In 1997 he was MD for the Swedish Society of Investigative Journalists and toured Sweden in a van packed with portable servers and laptops giving internet research courses to journalists. Since then he has taught journalism in universities in Scandinavia, the UK, Ethiopia and South Africa, helped journalists from Southern Africa set up support networks, talked at countless conferences, drank copious amounts of whiskey at the Rat & Parrot in Grahamstown and started to move into the advertising arena as a strategic consultant. Mark presently teaches at Linköping University in Sweden, works with the Swedish Institute on a longer project with young Middle-Eastern thought leaders and together with Hyper Island, has developed and given a series of Master Classes for advertising agencies around the world.
  • The colour of your shit can matter

    We have been talking about "digital" for a while now. Mostly about the tools. Right now it's Apps and iPad, Twitter and Facebook, measuring tools and publishing tools and reading tools. But tools are just that: tools. We have all managed to learn to use some, even the thickest of us. And then we managed to learn to use some more. Tools however, are pretty useless without context, the why, when and where. Context is difficult. Tools are easy. We are lazy. Digitalisation is a much deeper change than learning to use new tools. Digitalisation is a serious shift in...