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All posts by Muggie van Staden

Muggie van Staden
Muggie van Staden helped start Obsidian Systems while he was still studying at RAU. After completing his studies, Van Staden left Obsidian to work at an engineering firm, only to return in 1999 to take the reins as Managing Director. As MD, he has overseen the growth in the company, in both services on offer and revenue.
  • Open source software: It’s more than just free stuff

    Free software. In many ways it is an unfortunate term to describe what most people today know as open source software. Although the term is intended to convey the idea of freedom, it is often misunderstood as meaning 'free of cost'. And while most open software is indeed available free of charge, there are still costs associated with implementing any software in a business. Open source software's real value is not that it is cheaper than other alternatives, though that is more often than not the reality, it is that it offers a set of values that proprietary does...

  • Migrating your business to an open source solution

    Too often, open source software is portrayed as an all-or-nothing option. In reality, a mixed environment is the first step to a successful migration. Free and open source software is famously versatile. Think of just about any piece of software your business uses and chances are there is an open source alternative. And if there isn't then someone, somewhere, is working on it. Being so versatile means that open source software can be used in almost any situation, from desktop applications to cloud computing servers, which can often entice businesses down the path of a wholesale open source...