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All posts by Neil Aves

Neil Aves, Head of Apps Development of Prezence Digital, has 8 years experience in the new media industry. Neil has been involved in all aspects of a new media business from design to development to planning and management. He has worked with some of South Africa's biggest brands including Ster-Kinekor, Computicket and South African Music Awards to name a few.
  • Mobilising the masses: getting responsive web design for mobile right

    The term “responsive design” is being bantered all around the online community at the moment as the ultimate technology solution to dealing with multiple screen sizes and resolutions across mediums like desktop and mobile and is being confusingly associated with the use of HTML5. Firstly, we need to separate the terms responsive design and HTML5 as they are not mutually exclusive. Responsive design is a methodology, not a technology, whereas HTML5 is one possible enabler to perform responsive design but it is one of many solutions and not necessarily the best solution. So what’s the actual need for responsive design? With...

  • Why it might not be time to jump on the HTML5 bandwagon just yet

    In April 2010, Steve Jobs published an open letter on Flash on Apple’s official website that he called “Thoughts on Flash”. In it he openly explained why the Cupertino giant had refused to use Flash player on its mobile devices. The Flash vs. HTML5 debate had long been on the lips of developers across the world by then, and this letter fuelled the fire even further. Two years on we’re still reading about the demise of Flash and the rise of HTML5. But is HTML5 really all it’s cracked up to be? When talking about Flash and HTML5, there are...