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All posts by Pete Borum

Pete Borum is the co-founder and CEO of Reelio, where he oversees the business, creative, and engineering teams that power some of YouTube’s most effective branded content partnerships. Reelio’s proprietary technology analyzes social data to identify the ideal YouTube partners for any audience, and then automates every aspect of working with them.
  • Virtual Reality will take your wife, your kids, and your heart

    Stacy, my wife, is an exceptionally grounded individual. She’s responsible, sensible, and disciplined; of the two of us, I’m the one far more likely to binge on Netflix, social media, Reddit, video games, and YouTube. Stacy just isn’t the type of person who gets impulsively addicted to technology. That was before I introduced her to virtual reality. Now, all Stacy wants to do is explore underwater habitats, travel through outer space, walk among dinosaurs, and lead armies into battle with a vigor that, to be perfectly frank, is a bit intimidating. VR is incredibly immersive; in its clutches, your...