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All posts by Ryan Falkenberg

Ryan Falkenberg
Ryan Falkenberg is co-founder and co-CEO of CLEVVA, a technology that allows non-coders to capture expert logic into Navigation Apps. Navigators remove the need for people to learn decision-making formula, guiding through any required decision and action in real time. Termed ‘Artificial Intelligence for People’, CLEVVA gives people access to a digital brain so they can rather focus their learning and efforts on more differentiating and value-adding behaviours.
  • How to make your chatbot clever

    Given the incredible advances in natural language understanding (NLU), one would be forgiven for thinking that this is what artificial intelligence is all about. Try asking Alexa or Siri for an Indian restaurant near you, and you will most likely be given the right answer. Or try having a text-driven conversation with one of the many amazing Facebook Messenger powered chatbots, and you will be amazed at how it seems to ‘understand you’. I tried recently with my bank’s virtual assistant, and loved the way it could respond so accurately to my request for my latest balance, or for help to...