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All posts by Tammy Binedell

Tammy Binedell
Tammy studied advertising and marketing, making her way up the SEO ladder and ending up as the Head of Editorial at Groupon South Africa. After realising she couldn't walk around with a caffeine drip in her arm forever, she left the world of deals and dove back head first into the world of SEO. She now heads up the copywriting department at Synergize where she shares a desk with approximately 134 post-its. Never far from a copy of Time magazine, Tammy fills awkward silences with odd facts and knits while watching David Attenborough.
  • You have only yourself to blame for bad SEO content

    There are two schools of thought surrounding SEO (Search Engine Optimised) copy. The first is that it can simply be generated with fridge poetry and a few keywords. It’s this belief that has given rise to the second notion: that soon these people and their fridge poetry will become redundant due the rise of “robot” generated copy as indicated by narrativescience.com. People who believe either of these notions are naïve. Some people would believe that Shakespeare is currently turning in his grave due to the current state of SEO copy. I class these people with the previous bunch, who...

  • LinkedIn profile views – how many actually result in recruitment?

    LinkedIn is undoubtedly the world's top professional social network. And just like if you don’t tip a car guard you’re a bad person, society would also have you believe that your profile on the platform may be the most important web presence you hold, and what you put in your profile could open plenty of doors for you. I don’t know about the car guards, but the belief about LinkedIn, I’ve found is, without doubt, questionable. Unlike most social networks, the nifty thing about LinkedIn is that it allows you to see just how many people have looked at your...