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All posts by Tiffany Markman

Tiffany is not a communication savant. She's a copywriter and writing trainer with a special interest in SEO and social media. A fan of black coffee, pizza and good punctuation.
  • 5 top tips for avoiding awful digital copy

    When I started copywriting 10 years ago, ‘long form’ meant up to 1 000 words. ‘Short form’ meant 200. Now ‘long form’ means 200; ‘short form’ means 8. Putting it simply, the internet has exploded the range of copywriting opportunities to span web content, ads, email campaigns, blogs, social media and other forms of digital comms – with teeny-weeny little spaces for the copy. This means, understandably, that writing for digital is, and should be, different to writing for other media. It’s (supposed to be) more succinct, more strategic, less ‘pretty’ and more functional. It’s supposed to be natural and...

  • 10 ways to completely screw up your social media campaign

    Sometimes being perfect is difficult. Especially when you’re burdened with a ‘name’ in a particular industry – like digital. You need to offload some of that excellence because, poor you, you’re just human. Every now and then it’s good to slum it with plebs. And, if you work in comms, here’s a good start: Take on and then screw up a perfectly good social media campaign. In case you’re too sublime to know how to achieve screw-up status, here’s a guide: 1. Make sure you’re conducting a campaign with parameters (like budget, requirements and deliverables) you’ve never used or even...

  • 6 kinds of techie you’ll find in every fashionable coffee shop

    Jeez. Self-employed techies. A big part of our working life is the coffee-shop-hop. We find our favourite places and we build relationships. We choose preferred tables, menu items and waiters and over time, people begin to know us by name. But then… There are six types of people who make coffee-shop-hopping unpleasant. You know who they are; you’ve engaged with them before. So we’ve gone one step further, by naming (and hopefully shaming) each member of the Coffee Shop Mafia. Vinnie: the public Skyper Coffee shops are a haven for tech types and creatives, but forget the age of information –...

  • It’s not rocket science: the real secret to communicating effectively online

    Yikes. Online media. It’s a little like a noisy bar where all of the cool people hang out but everyone talks at once. Loudly. So, how do you make yourself heard? You’ve got to know when and how to talk, so everyone else keeps quiet and listens, but also so the stranger you’ve got your eye on can hear you. If you’re newish to digital media, or even if you’re a veteran who’d like more responses from your target audience, I also have a secret technique for you. It’s fail-safe -- never letting me down in making new clients (especially...