TomTom releases Top Gear themed GPS

TomTom has launched a Top Gear themed device and combined it with the popular characters from the long-running automotive TV show.

Top Gear and TomTom are hoping to leverage the popularity of the motoring show by including options such as “Stig Mode”, presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s voice and “unique Top Gear selected points of interest including race tracks and raceway locations related to the series”. Stig Mode seems to be a bit of a novelty, as all it does is mute the TomTom HD.

South Africa manager for TomTom SA, Daan Henderickx claims the product will have mass appeal in South Africa. “For Top Gear fans, this limited edition satnav is the ultimate driving companion. Featuring The Stig, Clarkson and TomTom HD Traffic, the GO LIVE Top Gear edition is perfect for drivers who love the open road,” he said.

The device will retail for ZAR1999 (US$251) and part of the package will include a free year of TomTom HD traffic, a fairly nifty addition which maps out “incident reports, length of delays and reason for them, accurate travel and arrival times and alternative route proposals.”

TomTom live service is especially handy for the traffic camera congested roads. It provides a camera service which spots trapping threats and allows users to add their own camera information based on actual camera spotting.

Finally, the QuickGPSfix feature will “get you navigating in seconds and TomTom Weather gives local and five-day forecasts.”

TomTom has promised that the TopGear device will be “one of the most exhilarating products TomTom has ever introduced.”

Ultimately, this is just a standard TomTom Go Live which includes features such as Bluetooth voice control, HD maps, spoken street names and touchscreen which is pretty much unresponsive.

As for adding in famous voices, this is part and parcel of the TomTom experience, with speech from Darth Vader, Yoda, James Earl Jones and Clint Eastwood readily available from the TomTom store.

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