Citizen news anchor with Flud 2.0

You’ve heard of Citizen Journalist? Well how about Citizen News Anchor? Content curation, the favoured buzzword of Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson comes to life in Flud, a Flipboard-like news aggregator app for iOS. While Flipboard captured the hearts and minds of iPad owners (and now iPhone), the very similar Flud 2.0 attempts to add a distinctive news aggregation flavour of its own.

From the beating heart of San Diego where its corporate offices are based, Flud 2.0 promises “an information ecosystem where the audience is empowered to influence the news.” So much like Flipboard, then. What can Flud 2.0 offer over the competitor?

As with competing apps, Flud 2.0 aggregates social feeds, mixing it with standard news to spit out a jambalaya of content. Without some form of interaction, apps like Flud would be dead in the water. A sweet innovation: instead of “Liking” a story, users tap the “Flud” icon at the bottom as a sign of their personal recommendation. Take that, Flipboard!

Flud 2.0 is determined to turn its readers into news personalities, as Flud supremo Bobby Ghoshal puts it. “We think the future of news has a lot to do with filtering out the noise. That means getting news from people and sources you trust.”

Follow trends, blogs, feeds, Facebook and Twitter updates, add in whatever news source you like. Flud then creates a feed akin to the love child of Tumblr and Flipboard. Social recommendations could be Flud’s ace in the hole. That and device syncing, which keeps the user’s Flud feed consistent from one device to the other.

Flud 2.0 available now for download free for iOS devices.



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