Bwahaha… Sorry. Just. Bwahaha… The US$2 350 BlackBerry P’9981

I’m not paying $2 350 for a BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 in drag. With a repugnant design and even worse looking BlackBerry OS 7 theme, I’m sorry, if you bought one, what were you thinking?

If you own one, I apologise for offending you, but you probably have way more money than I do, so you’ll feel better once you’ve splashed water in my face with your Carrera GT when you pass me on the street. Holy hell… Ugh, I actually feel insulted by it.

We’ve seen it stinking up the blogosphere since the last part of 2011, but Engadget got its hands on one and revealed its retail price in the full review it did yesterday. Read it if you’re interested, but it’s the 9900/9930 design destroyed by Porsche, approved by RIM and have I mentioned that it costs US$2 350? Actually the price tag isn’t that big of a surprise since, Porsche seems to be fond of pricing gadgets around the magical $2 000 mark. Just look at this bong Porsche made for classy people.

If you find some artistic merit in Porsche’s OS 7 theme, feel free to download it for your 9900/9930 — at your own peril. Gearburn cannot be held responsible for any visual impairment incurred by this action.

Thankfully the BlackBerry for the 1% is only available in the UK and the Middle East for now, but unfortunately is set to arrive in the US sometime in the next few months.



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