Razer to possibly announce new gaming tablet at CES 2012

Razer, creators of the gaming peripherals such as gaming mice, have released a teaser trailer for a PC with a “new form factor,” deftly named “Project Fiona”. All signs point to Project Fiona being the much-anticipated reboot of the Razer Switchblade, a gaming tablet which was rumoured to come out in 2010.

Project Fiona employs a variety of “revolutionary technologies” which are yet to be released. The preview video shows it running high-resolution graphics far beyond the kind of a standard tablet. The video can be viewed on this website. Users can also subscribe to the website and “be the first to know.”

From the video, the tablet claims to offer PC-level gaming on a tablet form. The seven-inch tablet fiercely mimics the design of the iPad 2, with a pure-black frame and its bezel frame.

Project Fiona may be released at the same time as the Razer Blade, the “world’s first true gaming laptop,” This product was also delayed, but Razer was kind enough to offer a mouse for users who preordered in the interim. Or, the Switchblade may vanish into the mists of time. It all depends on what Razer is planning to offer its hungry customers.

One issue will be control. Touchscreen is hardly the type of control which should be applied to a “proper” gaming device. The iPad 2 has been wildly successful due to the simplicity of its games which are of the swiping variety (see Infinity Blade II as an example). Most likely the games on Project Fiona will be dumbed-down versions of full PC titles.

See for yourself if the Switchblade is vapourware or reality. The Razer Switchblade plans to launch at the 2012 CES this January. The video itself ends with an announcement pointing to January 10.



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