Somewhere between a Range Rover and a Mercedes 300SL

I was told I was getting a Maserati GranTurismo or an Aston Martin DBS. I was lied to. The package was awfully small to be an Aston. I looked around the ‘Burn offices and everyone shrugged. I opened it and guess what? It was a mouse. Not just any mouse, a car-shaped mouse.

But it still wasn’t a Maserati, it was a Range Rover Evoque. Ok fine, I am into off-road excitement. Why not take the Evoque for a spin around my MacBook Pro.

So, what can I say. It’s a mouse, that looks like a Range Rover, I can’t go off-road with it but I can manoeuvre it off my mouse pad and have no clicking interruptions. I am old school, or is it new school? I am of the school that likes trackpads. Yes, I don’t want extra things to fiddle with while I work. If it was a GranTurismo-shaped mouse I would fiddle with it all day! Yes girls like fast cars too.

Okay, back to the mouse thing. It’s wireless, thank heavens for little mercies, it works in that funky “plug and play” realm. You plug in the snug fitting usb adaptor and your little Range Rover goes zooming across your screen. The Click Car Mouse could make all your “racing” dreams come true.

I spent a lot of time hoping to be able to control the car with my laptop, I was convinced the manufacturers would build-in something like this for fun. You know, because it is a “high-tech” toy car and all! But they didn’t, so I zoomed it around the floor old school style even making the vava voom noises. Yes, I am still pretending I got the sports car shaped one rather than the off-roader.

It’s a mouse that works, it does bug out every now again and requires restarting at least twice a day. I like that the hood is clickable, I am bummed the windscreens aren’t. The back lights are the only ones that have any function because they indicate on and off status. Also it does not corner well. But if you’re into mouses for US$45 sure get it but be warned it does get a little uncomfortable.

Things began to lookup after two days with the mouse when I was handed a Mercedes 300SL flash drive, which it turns out, was forgotten in the package the mouse came in. The resident gadget boy looked at me and said, “I have something that will rock your world.” Guys always say that, the cheek. But it did rock my world, 300SL, what a beauty, I loved it so much I demanded everyone admire it for at least half a minute, I am bossy like that.

This little four gig speed machine, had me storing and sharing data in style. “Hey can you send me that document I asked you for a while ago,” my boss said. “Hell ya… I shall zoom it right to your office in my 1955 300SL with its three litre cylinder displacement engine.” This car is a model of German brilliance and to be honest I want to have its babies.

Alrighty, back to the flash drive. It’s enhanced everything I own, my laptop, my dvd player, my TV — it belongs in my life, we were meant for one another. It’s my precious. This flash drive has changed my life, period.

The Click car Mouse is available in the following models:

  • Mini Cooper S – Chilli Red or Astro Black
  • Range Rover Evoque – White
  • BMW Z4 – Deep Sea Blue
  • Aston Martin DBS – Quantum Silver
  • Mercedes 300SL – Silver
  • VW Beetle Taxi – Green
  • VW Beetle Última Edicón – Cool Grey
  • Fiat 500 – Pearl White or Red
  • Maserati GranTurismo – Silver



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