3 Great free iPhone games of the day — Save $4

Check out these great iPhone/iPad games that have been reduced to zero dollars. Snap them up and save four smackeroos. Enjoy.

GearedUS$0.99 FREE

Geared is a really addictive puzzle game where you have to place different sized gears with the aim of reaching and turning each level’s blue gear. The difficulty increases as you progress through the levels and you’ll find yourself having to deal with no drop zones, new obstacles and turning multiple blue gears at the same time.

Geared has been around for a while now and even has a sequel out, but if you haven’t caught on to this title yet, grab it while it’s free. It’s a personal favourite of mine.

SquidsUS$1.99 FREE

Squids is a mix of action strategy and RPG. It’s kind of like a mashup of Angry Birds — you fling cute animals at enemies — and Final Fantasy — think old school turn-based tactics. In Squids, you won’t find a deep RPG adventure, instead it’s the thinking man’s Angry Birds.

The graphics are detailed and the Caribbean themed music fits beautifully. It’s a really great pick-up and play title, with plenty of crossover appeal for both arcade and strategy gamers.

It’s a universal app for both your iPhone and iPad. It’s selling for nada at the moment, don’t miss it.

Star Warfare: Alien InvasionUS$0.99 FREE

If you love third-person shooters, don’t dismiss Star Warfare: Alien Invasion based on screenshots. On the face of it, the game appears to lack graphical maturity, but I believe it’s largely intentional — it works for Skylanders. The game is a riot and its strength lies in its gameplay.

Very simply, as the title implies, there’s an invasion and you have to kill off aliens in wave survival shooter style. You earning money to purchase new gear which leads to bonuses, health boosts and more dough.

The really cool part about Star Warfare: Alien Invasion is the co-op mode which lets you team up with up to two friends to take on each level’s challenges for better rewards.

It’s a universal app and free currently, check it out.



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