Logitech Ultimate Ears headset: crisp sound, dire bass

Sound is a precious commodity. It’s practically taken for granted by many users. But not by me. I’ve learned to loathe the default iPhone headset which pipes sub-standard sound through my laptop.

Enter Logitech’s Ultimate Ears 350vm headset, exit crappy iPhone earphones.

Designed to please

Baby-soft silicone ear cushions hug my ear canal. Tangle-free cords hang lifelessly on my neck. The on-cord microphone functions adequately as I Skype my family. Not once did I have to adjust the UE headset for maximum comfort. It was always set to “maximum”.

Headset comfort is a prime objective. If at any point I feel the headset or notice it is in the way of my lifestyle, I’ll switch into grumpy mode. Who needs the added hassle in their lives?

These headsets are soft and extremely comfortable. Its unbelievable resilience is a hallmark of modern design. It’s not perfect, but for the price, roughly US$70, it’s excellent value for money.

Crisp sound, dire bass

It’s how it sounds which is most important and it sounds incredible in comparison to my old earphones.

The sound is crystal clear. As if it has been filtered through a crystal sieve, washed in platinum threads and delivered to your ears. There is no feedback hiss, no crackle, no issue. It’s unbelievable how Logitech has managed to coax such aural bliss out of such a tiny package.

It’s the bass that disappoints. The box boasts “tuned for extra bass for deep, thumpin’ beats” but this is pure marketing propaganda. The bass was practically non-existent in gaming and music titles.

It can’t compare to my colleagues Bose in-ear tri-port headphones, which take bass and twist it into a startlingly deep, and “thumping” experience. Logitech suggests adding in the (included) smartphone adaptor if the bass is underwhelming, but this only made the sound thin and tinny.

It is loved

Despite the poor bass, it’s a fantastic headset. I’ve never heard sound this clear. Well, I have but only in far more expensive devices. Give the Logitech Ultimate Ears a go and chuck your faded white iPhone earphones in the trash.

Verdict: Gear it!

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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