Lumia 800 heads to China, renamed 800C

People of China, Nokia’s Windows Phone the Lumia 800 is primed for arrival, and it’s been renamed the Lumia 800C. While knock-offs of the famed Windows Phone have been doing the rounds, nothing tastes better than official.

China Telcoms today lifted the veil on the Lumia 800C (available in cyan or black), saying that the phone plans to launch later next month. When the 800C finally arrives, the app store will be ready, with 20 000 apps available on launch date. The price? A cool 3599 Chinese yuans, or US$570. This is the world’s largest mobile phone market and with 32-million smartphones sold last quarter, Nokia needs to play it’s cards right if it wants the 800C to dominate the playing field.

Nokia’s CEO, Stephan Elop seems excited.

We’re excited to introduce our first Lumia smartphone, the Nokia 800C, to this important market with our exclusive launch partner, China Telecom. Working closely together, we’ve created a compelling, locally relevant experience on the Nokia 800C especially tailored for people in China.

More pomp is available, care of the press release.



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