iOS 6, iTunes 11 edges closer to reality

We love nothing more than rumours which are all but guaranteed to come true. It begins with the mythical “sources” who say that Apple has begun pushing out iTunes 11, for developers only.

Any new version of iTunes is usually accompanied with an updated iOS, in this case iOS 6. The picture here could have been easily photoshopped, but sources say that iTunes 11 is being worked on.

There are two possible outcomes: Either iTunes 11 releases with iOS 6 compatibility, or iTunes 10.X is unveiled with a quick upgrade to handle the new software of iOS 6.

What is known, is that iTunes 11 will feature a massive enhancement for iCloud. This comes in the form of a dedicated iCloud settings panel. Users can swap from physical to cloud media in a single, accessible window. Users can quickly access their cloud backups, iTunes media, and iTunes match without having to log onto a web-based portal.

Cosmetic upgrade? There’s a chance, thanks to Apple’s purchase of Chomp, a (much better) web-front store which links to App Store content. Could Chomp’s easier, and more streamlined approach to app searching find its way into iTunes 11, and parts of iOS 6? Let’s hope.


Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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