All but confirmed: iPhone 5 to get 4-inch screen

Reuters is a coy devil, and has proudly proclaimed that the next iPhone will most likely roll out with a 4-inch display. That is, if the “people familiar with the situation” have anything to say about it. These sources have reportedly said that Apple has placed orders with display companies in Japan and South Korea.

Let’s run with the rumour for a while and see what pans out. If sources are true, this represents a 30% screen size increase in comparison to the last-gen iPhones. LG, Sharp and Japan Display Inc. have all begun to negotiate on the production details surrounding on the new screens, which are said to begin actual production come June. If all goes to plan, new iPhone should start rolling off the factory floor as early as August.

It makes sense to bump the screen size to 4-inches. With the Sony Xperia S sitting at 4.3-inches and the Samsung Galaxy S III at a healthy 4.8-inches, Apple is going to have to man up and accept a 4-inch future and leave the 3-inchers back in 2007 where it belongs.

The video below nicely sums up what to expect from the iPhone 5. Exciting times ahead.



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